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It's time to Drain your Spa!

Updated: Sep 22, 2019

Organic Build up and Foam

Did you know the average residential spa should be drained, and fresh water added at least 2-3 times per year. Maybe more with frequent usage. Spas should be periodically drained and refilled to keep the water fresh and healthy. Many factors go into when and why you should drain your spa. I've included some factors that help determine when it's time to drain your spa.

TDS that is over 1200ppm will start to give a hazy look to the water. Have you ever turned the light on to your pool or spa and see tiny particles floating in the water? These tiny particles are the TDS's( Total Dissolved Solids) in your water. As they build it is harder and harder to keep the water looking fresh.

Foaming in a spa can come from 2 things: Low Calcium level, or organic debris. What is organic debris? All sorts of stuff from sweat to makeup to leaves to White Water Mold(WWM). If you see a presence of dirty looking foam or an unsightly scum ring, I'd bet your fighting a organic debris. Many times customers will state "spa is foamy and it never has chlorine". It's Time To Drain Your Spa!

Cloudy Water can also be a sign that you need to drain and refill your spa. Having proper water balance but not getting that shine even after adding Gentle Spa? While Gentle Spa and borates will add a linen smell and a sparkle to most spas, it is not always the answer. Spa water can just be used up. Don't fight the head

ache of adding too much chemical, drain clean and refill your spa!

No Chlorine reading any time you test, even just hours after adding. This one is probably the most common complaint and ties into my next item. No chlorine often is accompanied by foam and a white "tissue paper" looking substance in the water. WWM is a common occurance in spas. New Spas from the factory 99% of the time have WWM in the lines already. Without properly treating you will continually fight getting a chlorine reading. Follow my steps below on draining your spa to eliminate WWM from your spa lines.

White Water Mold is a naturally occurring biofilm common to pools and spas. Does that make it look any less nasty? NO! Using a little extra chlorine and a good line cleaner is effective at eliminating WWM. Gentle Spa is also a good defense against WWM growth, as part of its chemical compound drives CO2 out of the water making it hard for biofilms to grow.

So we've determined the 2 years it's been since you last drained your spa is WAY too long. What is the next step? Many Pool & Spa companies offer a Spa Valet Service where we drain clean and fill your spa. While Honeyman Pool & Spa offers this service for $225 for most spas, It is a task many homeowners can handle themselves. Follow my step by step process to get your spa in ship shape.

Products I mentioned in this article are available thru Amazon linked to my blog page.

Drain & Clean Spa

  • Remove Filter

  • Add Jet Clean to spa and start jets with aeration off

  • Turn spa heat down to below actual temp

  • Add 4Tbs Chlorine to filter compartment(My own step to eliminate WWM in lines)

  • Let Spa cycle for till pump shut off with cover open

  • Start Jets and run 15min( This time you will see lots of "tissue" lie flakes shoot from jets)

  • Turn off Breaker and drain spa spraying down sides as it drains

  • Wipe down surface with a mild bleach and water mixture

  • Fill Spa **Note always fill spa by adding water to filter area, this forces water into the lines**

  • Clean Spa Filter with Filter Cleaner

  • Install Clean filter and turn on breaker

  • Balance water accordingly

  • Add Cap Full of Gentle Spa before each use

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