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Pleatco 2018 Community Leader

I wanted to take a moment to thank my customers for nominating me for Pleatco's 2018 Perfect Pool Guy contest. While missing the grand prize, I was picked for Pleatco's 2018 Community Leadership Award. Having spent the better part of my adult life in the industry, I have had the honor of training and training with some the best in my area. I want to see Pools and Spa stay OPEN and Stay safe. I vow to continue to fight for more regulation for the professionals that are in place to keep you safe at all public and private pools. I will continue to be an active voice in our community to keep public pools in all areas of the city. With our City looking into 3 options , I urge all to look at option 3. Keep in mind Sedgwick County Zoo is set to soon open a water park. Option 3 keeps the most pools open for the most hours in the summer. All other option GREATLY reduce the number of Public pools in our community. Splash pads don't teach kids to swim, Bottom line.

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01 de nov. de 2018

Thanks for the information Eric! Good to know!

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